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Well, I'm  truly a lucky guy !  In my life, I've had the great good fortune to always be at the right place, at the right time, with fantastic musicians. I'm always interested in working in as many various different musical (especially jazz!) contexts as I can.
This has brought me into contact with a lot of beautiful people from around the world...the ultimate blessing!
Oliver F. Koelling

Composer, Arranger, & Producer Oliver F. Koelling has been composing and arranging music since his early youth & college years.

Early contacts with profess. studies in composition, harmony, counterpoint and trumpet  since the age of 10 - 1974 in Hamburg, Vienna , & Linz - Germany & Austria.

After many years of playing Jazz trumpet as life artist in serveral own formations in Europe , he emigrated in 1990 to the USA and to Mexico. He studied music at the Berklee College of Music in Boston - MA. USA. Professional Diploma in Composition.

Later in L.A. - USA studies in orchestration with Stephen Scott Smalley among further external studies at the UCLA.

Among many others he studied with Wayne Naus - harmony, Jerry Gates - arranging - BCFurther studies in Mexico City - Mexico in composition, harmony, counterpoint with Magarita Vega UNAM, Enrique Neri, etc.

Currently, he’s working as composer, arranger, orchestrator and producer. Writing his own music and writing for artists and composing and producing library scores for several international music libraries and TV libaries located in the USA, Latin-America,  Europe, Asia  and Australia. 

His music is frequently aired and used by many AV, Television Production and Film Companies around the globe. 


He has worked as arranger and composer for Universal Records/Polydor with a Gold record nomination, Intervox Records, Studio Hamburg Productions, RTL TV, NDR Radio Philharmonic Orchestra of Hannover, Televisa TV Mexico, and many more.


Mr. Koelling is available worldwide for  any kind of projects - as arranger , composer , orchestrator and producer. 

He is a permanent resident of Mexico City, Mexico. and partly residencial in Hamburg - Germany.


He speaks fluently German , English , French, Spanish.




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